Lately I have been spotting posters held up by binder clips. Often the paper is held by the clips, and the clips are nailed into the wall. This is a great, cheap way to hang posters since you don’t need to buy a frame and binder clips are something like 24 for $2.99. Additionally, you don’t damage the paper as much as if you used sticky tack or push pins. Aaand, I just love the industrial look that it gives your wall.

I just spotted this while browsing:

{via here}

First of all, don’t judge. My six year old cousin just discovered star wars, and it’s almost his birthday. Second- look at that! The binder clips are hanging on a wire!! What a wonderful idea for a wall. String a heavy wire across two nails, then hang as many posters as you want across it using binder clips! That way you  can easily rotate posters, and it makes for an awesome floating effect. Incidentally, I saw a similar idea over here, another creative way to affordably hang pieces on your wall. {Then I saw the girl who runs that blog at Madewell, but was too afraid to say anything.} I smell a project for when I return home, and it will be the perfect way to hang my latest poster buy:

{Purchased at RAG}

Awwww, that bear just LOVES California… Feel free to share any other great ideas you have for hanging wall art!