Oh, Hello!

My friend R is testing the waters on OKCupid, and when he jokingly judged a potential date for neglecting her blog, I realized I too had been slacking.

So here I am with a few thoughts:

Even without updating, I have been getting about 30 page views per day. Most of these are from google searches for ‘Cersei Lannister’ (my Halloween costume) and ‘halloween’. Strange…

Remember this post? Since then my leather-sleeved coat dreams have come true! I not only scored that Alexa Chung coat, but I recently found a coat at Zara much like the one pictured. Military middle + leather sleeves + gold-tone hardware = one badass coat.

This past weekend I did an olympic distance triathlon- 1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run. It was a beautiful weekend on Lake San Antonio, spent camping with friends, cheering for the pros, and racing! I beat my time from two years ago on the same exact course, so I consider that a great success!

Here is a photo of me and my friends Greg and Laura, pre-race:


I have some posts in mind for the coming week- so get excited for the freshness.

Oh, Hello!

One thought on “Oh, Hello!

  1. I have the same type of post on my blog…Leggings are NOT Pants. Even when I wasn’t writing for a while, it was still getting a ton of reads a week….with pretty interesting search terms. Yay for getting back to writing!

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