YES! I’m so excited. Yesterday, I booked a plane ticket to Thailand. My lovely friend Sam (who you can follow here) has been there since October, and I miss her too much to wait until she gets back to SF. So, at the end of March I will be on a plane to Bangkok.

Technically, I have been on the Asian continent before, when I was in Israel and Jordan. However, this will be my first trip to Asia proper. I’ve been (kind of) kicking myself for the last seven years over a missed opportunity to go to China, so now I will finally spend some time in the ‘far east’. While we will probably spend most of our time in Thailand, we might also go on a side trip to Cambodia. Angkor Wat is something I have always wanted to see.

So currently I am in the COLD Northeast, dreaming of being here:

I am also excited to wear warm weather clothes – something I rarely get to do in SF, one of the things I miss most about Texas. Do any of you have great recommendations for easily packable, warm weather clothes? Let me know in the comments!


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