Lovely Things

Hello Monday, goodbye long weekend. I hope everyone had an amazing break.

Thanksgiving was nice, and Saturday was especially nice- I visited Harbin Hot Springs with some friends. It felt great to soak/relax/detox/get my lymph moving. Harbin’s system of pools includes warm, hot, and cold, and it felt just right to soak for a long while in the warm, then alternate between hot and cold for a few minutes at a time. The warm pool is kept right at body temperature and, while I floated there, I thought – this must be what it feels like in the womb… I highly recommend a visit. Next I want to try Wilbur Hot Springs; how dreamy does this place look?

Other lovely things on my mind:

I tried out this Diptyque perfume the other day and can’t stop thinking about how nice it smells… I might have to get it for a special ‘treat yo self’ holiday prize.

This photo from the latest The Selby feature- the home of publisher Angelika Taschen:

I just love the idea of a huge glossy photo hanging over a simple bed. Happy Monday, friends!

Lovely Things

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