Dinner at Cyrus

To celebrate one year of dating, my super-sweet beau took me to dinner last night at Cyrus. Just off the main square in the adorable town of Healdsburg, Cyrus is a two-Michelin-starred restaurant offering a tasting menu of 5 or 8 courses, with plenty of additional treats along the way. As far as I can remember, here is what we ate (bear with me, it’s a long list):

mango pixie stick, gougere, grape bubble, grapefruit and campari jello, shiitake and umi broth, squash puree with pickled mushrooms and rice puffs, ginger bone marrow custard, foie gras torchon with quince glass and jam, john dory with braised romaine and yuzu butter, avocado lime ice pop, crispy chicken thigh with truffled risotto, celery, parmesan froth, fresh white truffles shaved table-side, warm bananas with hazelnut and milk chocolate, passionfruit marshmallow, coconut macaron with dulce de leche filling

this morning- sugary pastry filled with chocolate
this afternoon- caramel pop

Other tidbits: The caviar and champagne cart was wheeled by our table upon sitting down, but we opted to skip those treats. Our waiter brought by an enormous white truffle in a wooden box for us to smell. In an unusual move, much to my dining companion’s delight, we were seated next to each other on the booth side of the table. The two gentlemen at the table next to ours ordered two bottles of what must have been CRAZY expensive wine. The sommelier went through an incredible ritual pouring the wine, asked their permission to taste it, and presented them the corks in a gilded box. What an awesome dining experience.

Up next on the list of special dinners: Frances.
Dinner at Cyrus

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