Finally Friday

Hello interwebs. This week was a bit rough with crazy early wake-up calls… I’m running some tests on the East Coast, so a ‘reasonable’ start time for them, 7:30 am, is an insane 4:30 am for me. No matter; I took a nice long nap yesterday afternoon, and woke up to my beau cooking me dinner. Then I went to a live production of Radiolab as part of the Bay Area Science Festival. Radiolab is an awesome NPR series of podcasts in which “the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience.” Last night’s production was about ‘darkness’ and had incredible special guests: comedian Demetri Martin, dance troupe Pilobolus, and musician Thao Nguyen. My favorite part of the night involved the actual building up of a giant (working!) eyeball, from a primitive light-sensing layer of cells, to a pinhole-camera type eyeball, to a modern, lens covered eye. Incredible!

Also, in a cute example of how wonderful the internet is… I clicked on an interesting painting shown on DesignLoveFest, which led me to a blog called Loveology, where I spotted this photo:

There wasn’t really a source for it, but the image url had ‘etsytastic’ in it. So off to Etsy I went! After various combinations of ‘dog’, ‘crown’, ‘bones’, and ‘dress’, I found it at this shop. Wild. I kiiiiiind of love it and want it. Maybe I’m just sleep deprived…. Ahhh, happy Friday y’all.

Some fun links:

My fave lifestyle blogger on Glitter Guide.

America’s first spaceport!!!!

From my mom, a great article about the importance of family planning.


Finally Friday

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