Happy on Hayes

OH my! So many new things keep popping up on/around Hayes Street, that I haven’t had time to explore them all yet. I have been out of town the past few weekends (Fly-fishing, Boston, Salt Point, New York) and I am so excited to have a weekend in town to relax and explore my new neighborhood spots. Here’s a run-down of where I need to go.

Suppenkuche’s Biergarten:

{via Daily Candy}

Suppenkuche is one of my favorite restaurants on the block, ok, in the city. Jaegerschnitzel and Erdinger Dark hit the spot every time. One of my goals for this year was to become a regular somewhere, and for a while I had decided it was going to be Suppenkuche. Rusty the bartender and I were tight for a while but life/work/play got in the way, and I no longer go there as often as I could. Enter their new alfresco dining option: the Biergarten, as part of the Hayes Valley Proxy Project. With six beers on tap and an offering of pretzels, brats, and beet salad, I think this will be my new Zeitgeist.


Two Sisters:

This new bar with a unique twist opened on my block last weekend. Officially Two Sisters Bar and Books, this is a place “to linger over a classic cocktail…and share our love of all things literary.”  Sounds perfect to me! My book club is even thinking about holding a meeting there.


Hope everyone has an amazing, relaxing weekend as well.


Happy on Hayes

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