Sweet September

Hope everyone had a lovely labor day!

First things first: dinner at Saison. Oh my, what an incredible experience. I love that it’s fancy food in a relaxed setting-heat lamps, a wood-burning oven, beautiful trees and wool blankets thrown over the backs of the chairs. After some complimentary champagne, the food started rolling in. The menu was spare, with courses listed simply as EGGS, CRU, BRASSICAS, etc. But the dishes were far from simple. Eggs turned out to be smoked caviar next to a crisp covered in creme fraiche, artichoke, salmon roe, flowers and 24 karat gold. Yes, GOLD. Wild. Cru was a raw tuna with a gelee made from roasting its bones, and a papadum-like cracker dusted with spices. Brassicas (which happens to be the family of plants that includes broccoli, cauliflower, and mustard) was flash fried greens over grains with a bonito broth. Other delicious menu items were wild spot prawn, rabbit stew, preserved lemon custard, and chocolate. In addition, our waitress brought out three gifts from the chef. A trio of canape, ‘summer in a bowl’, and popcorn ice cream. Along with a perfect wine pairing, this was definitely one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. I think there were at lease three times when I exclaimed: “This is the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth!” The standout for me, though, was the tomato-basil aspic in the ‘summer in a bowl’ dish.  Ahhh, no words. Just this advice: go eat at Saison.

Other weekend awesomeness included: a long bike ride in Marin, sleeping under the stars on the Sacramento River Delta, and a lazy Monday.

{ps- I know summer is officially over but it’s finally, officially warm in the bay area and this swimwear is calling my name!}

Sweet September

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