Pizza Dough

How is this for planning ahead? A friend and I are making pizza on Saturday night, so last night I whipped up a batch of pizza dough. That’s right, two full days in advance. The recipe I used is from the lovely A16 Cookbook, which is full of delicious Italian recipes, beautiful pictures, and perfectly paired wine suggestions.

The book claims that the key ingredient in their perfect neapolitan crust is the ’00’ type flour, or doppio zero. This rating refers to the fineness to which the wheat is milled- in this case, very fine. So I picked up some doppio zero at Rainbow Grocery, and got to work. The dough is currently rising in the fridge, and I will report back on how it turns out on Saturday!

As a side note, A16 happens to be the sister restaurant to one of my all-time SF favorites: SPQR. Go there.

Pizza Dough

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