Surf + Design

I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, and I recently found myself with some extra time on a business trip to Florida, so I jumped at the chance to take a surfing lesson! Talk about a LONG board:

Now, I am stoked to try surfing with some buddies out here, although less stoked for the freezing cold water… Perhaps a beautiful surf board will be just the thing to take my mind off the cold while I am waiting to catch a wave. Check out these boards from Marin County, CA and Old Jaffa, Israel based company, Saalt. What gorgeous boards, and their logo is to die for! ‘Old Soul + Modern Hydrodynamics’. Now at the very top of my wishlist.

{all from Saalt’s facebook page}

Surf + Design

Pink Pretties

I LOVE the color pink… as my friend Amelia would say- ugh, I’m such a guuuurrrrrl.

My boyfriend, on the other hand, is not a girl, and does not love the color as much as I do. Since we are about to move in together (!) and decorate our new place together (!!), there will have to be some color compromises. Over here, in my girly head, are some pink items that I would love to put in the new place:

{print from SketchInc}

{Acapulco Chair from Innit}

{towel from Fresco Towels}

Those Acapulco chairs would look so rad on our patio overlooking the creek in the backyard. (Sidenote: there’s a creek in the backyard! I feel like I’m moving to the country, in a good way.) Also, from now on, I want to order all of my towels from Fresco– aren’t they so beautiful and unconventional?

Pink Pretties

Oh, Hello!

My friend R is testing the waters on OKCupid, and when he jokingly judged a potential date for neglecting her blog, I realized I too had been slacking.

So here I am with a few thoughts:

Even without updating, I have been getting about 30 page views per day. Most of these are from google searches for ‘Cersei Lannister’ (my Halloween costume) and ‘halloween’. Strange…

Remember this post? Since then my leather-sleeved coat dreams have come true! I not only scored that Alexa Chung coat, but I recently found a coat at Zara much like the one pictured. Military middle + leather sleeves + gold-tone hardware = one badass coat.

This past weekend I did an olympic distance triathlon- 1.5k swim, 40k bike, 10k run. It was a beautiful weekend on Lake San Antonio, spent camping with friends, cheering for the pros, and racing! I beat my time from two years ago on the same exact course, so I consider that a great success!

Here is a photo of me and my friends Greg and Laura, pre-race:


I have some posts in mind for the coming week- so get excited for the freshness.

Oh, Hello!


Lately I have been spotting posters held up by binder clips. Often the paper is held by the clips, and the clips are nailed into the wall. This is a great, cheap way to hang posters since you don’t need to buy a frame and binder clips are something like 24 for $2.99. Additionally, you don’t damage the paper as much as if you used sticky tack or push pins. Aaand, I just love the industrial look that it gives your wall.

I just spotted this while browsing:

{via here}

First of all, don’t judge. My six year old cousin just discovered star wars, and it’s almost his birthday. Second- look at that! The binder clips are hanging on a wire!! What a wonderful idea for a wall. String a heavy wire across two nails, then hang as many posters as you want across it using binder clips! That way you  can easily rotate posters, and it makes for an awesome floating effect. Incidentally, I saw a similar idea over here, another creative way to affordably hang pieces on your wall. {Then I saw the girl who runs that blog at Madewell, but was too afraid to say anything.} I smell a project for when I return home, and it will be the perfect way to hang my latest poster buy:

{Purchased at RAG}

Awwww, that bear just LOVES California… Feel free to share any other great ideas you have for hanging wall art!




YES! I’m so excited. Yesterday, I booked a plane ticket to Thailand. My lovely friend Sam (who you can follow here) has been there since October, and I miss her too much to wait until she gets back to SF. So, at the end of March I will be on a plane to Bangkok.

Technically, I have been on the Asian continent before, when I was in Israel and Jordan. However, this will be my first trip to Asia proper. I’ve been (kind of) kicking myself for the last seven years over a missed opportunity to go to China, so now I will finally spend some time in the ‘far east’. While we will probably spend most of our time in Thailand, we might also go on a side trip to Cambodia. Angkor Wat is something I have always wanted to see.

So currently I am in the COLD Northeast, dreaming of being here:

I am also excited to wear warm weather clothes – something I rarely get to do in SF, one of the things I miss most about Texas. Do any of you have great recommendations for easily packable, warm weather clothes? Let me know in the comments!


Snapshot of My Weekend

On Friday night the beau and I were invited to the holiday party of a web startup. To my delight, they had a photo booth with props galore! I was also delighted because my hair looked extra-fabulous thanks to Drybar, a blow out bar on Fillmore. At the end of the night, as I was walking home, people on the street kept wishing me a happy birthday… I was confused until I realized I had left the party with that crown still on! Oops!

Yesterday I got some holiday shopping done, and saw the city filled with Santas for Santacon! Today has been pretty lazy, but I did make some Migas ala Smitten Kitchen. Delicious! Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

Snapshot of My Weekend

Boot Season!

I’m still into short boots. But now that it’s winter, I’m also into tall boots, well, pretty much any kind of boot. And although it’s a balmy, 75 degree December day over here in Berkeley, I still have boots on the brain.

The ‘chelsea’ style, with a stretch panel at either ankle, is particularly appealing to me lately.

These lovelies are on sale at Madewell right now:

And these Chelsea Riding Boots by Frye are also amazing:

Boot Season!

Lovely Things

Hello Monday, goodbye long weekend. I hope everyone had an amazing break.

Thanksgiving was nice, and Saturday was especially nice- I visited Harbin Hot Springs with some friends. It felt great to soak/relax/detox/get my lymph moving. Harbin’s system of pools includes warm, hot, and cold, and it felt just right to soak for a long while in the warm, then alternate between hot and cold for a few minutes at a time. The warm pool is kept right at body temperature and, while I floated there, I thought – this must be what it feels like in the womb… I highly recommend a visit. Next I want to try Wilbur Hot Springs; how dreamy does this place look?

Other lovely things on my mind:

I tried out this Diptyque perfume the other day and can’t stop thinking about how nice it smells… I might have to get it for a special ‘treat yo self’ holiday prize.

This photo from the latest The Selby feature- the home of publisher Angelika Taschen:

I just love the idea of a huge glossy photo hanging over a simple bed. Happy Monday, friends!

Lovely Things